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"My son Rylan (Age 4) loves Sensei Dwayne and his Miss Tiffany… Sensei Dwayne is patient and cares a lot for his kids. He doesnt just teach my son Karate but also how to be patient, to listen, focus, and how he can utilize this in his life. I highly recommend Suzaku Karate." - Moop Chan


"Suzaku is the best, I'm really impressed with Sensei Dwayne and Ms Tiffany and Ms Myra. If you want your kids in safe, happy and help your kids build there self confidence. Go in suzaku not only in karate, they have after school and summer camp program. If there is more than 5 star, I'll give it to them. Thanks guys." - Maezzie Teologo Nunez


"The best place to go for karate! The sensei here incorporates fun into learning the ways of Shotokan karate. I've been with Sensei for many years, and he never changed! He's still the same, fun Sensei I know. He taught me how to defend myself and to have faith in myself. Without him, I wouldn't be the person I am today." - Nalisa Saenrit


"One of the best affordable and convenient place in Sunnyside is Suzaku Karate. The 17 years experienced trainer sensei Dwayne is very knowledgeable about many aspects of martial arts. My son saad has been studying in his dojo since one year. My son has tremendous respect for his sensei and he loves to go to his classes. I think this is the best place to go for karate." - Khaleda Yasmin


"This place is a fantastic addition to the neighborhood! The sensei/teacher is very knowledgeable about many aspects of martial arts but more importantly, he is an excellent teacher. If you are interested in karate, physical fitness or self defense, the classes here provide an excellent environment to learn. I have learned so much in such a short time that I am very happy Sensei Dwayne has opened his dojo in Sunnyside." - Joseph Ruscitto